2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 34,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 8 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Two reviews of Karen Tongson’s Relocations

At last month’s AAA (anthropology) panel on “Transfrancisco” (queer/trans San Francisco), someone rightly pointed out that a lot of recent queer ethnography/theory has been moving away from urban centres and onto rural/small-town queer life. But who’s been thinking about queer suburban life in the meanwhile?

First Recipe Posted to my Food Blog!

Well, hello there! I’ve been a bit absent from this blog for the last week or so, I know. I had a few things pile up on me, and a big food party to deal with last Friday. The upside, however, was that I had the presence of mind to take pictures of nearly every dish I prepared (and that’s about 20 in total), so I now have enough pictures to photo-blog a ton of recipes. So, over at my foodBlog, Macerating in Public, I’ve recently posted a recipe for my Mango-Jalapeño Salsa, including pictures and instructions on how to “break down” mangoes and jalapeños. Enjoy! There’ll be more, trust me.

(Also, I changed the look and layout of the blog itself. Let me know what you think!)

Mmmmusic! The Dancypants Podcast

And now, only one week later, my second podcast (hosted on Soundcloud). This one actually has some recent tracks, as well as an old Sarah Goldfarb track (who will be playing in Chicago next week sigh). As before, I’m still working with a really primitive mixer, but I think my transitions are better here than on the first podcast.

The first track is actually a somewhat sped-up version of Pogo’s music/video collage of Alice in Wonderland, which I’ve embedded below.

Also, listen in for the Masomenos track that includes a recording of Satie’s Gnossienne No. 1!

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Pogo. 2007. “Alice.” Self-Released.
  2. Ark & Cabanne. 2001. “Bagne.” Perlon.
  3. La Peña. 2008. “A1 Untitled.” La Peña. [This is a project by Einzelkind with anonymous artists.]
  4. Christian Feigl. No date. “Untitled.” Unreleased.
  5. Sarah Goldfarb. 2007. “Forty years ago I sold my body.” Treibstoff.
  6. Farben. 2002. “If.” Klang Elektronik.
  7. Masomenos. 2009. “D (from Third Eye Mix).” Welcome to Masomenos.
  8. Sety. 2008. “Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu-Dumonts Remix).” Circus Company.
  9. Daniel Stefanik. 2010. “Just One Moment.” be chosen.
  10. Audio Werner. 2006. “Onandon.” Perlon.
  11. Barem. 2010. “Heyday.” FoundSound.
  12. Sascha Braemer. 2010. “Club Foot.” Dirtybird.
  13. Troydon. 2008. “So Reel.” Phonoshuffle.
  14. Paul Kalkbrenner. 2008. “Bingo Bongo.” BPitchControl.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all tracks are “Original Mix.”

The Social Sciences Drankin’ Game

Well, this hardly is an essay or an event review or anything else that I normally intend to post here, but it’s about drinking and social sciences conferences, so I’m posting it. Maybe this will help some of you survive the next conference season with your sanity intact (although not your liver).

Tom Ellard has an amusing blog, which seems to range from music to video games to academia to gettin’ drunk. A little while ago, he posted The Social Sciences Drankin’ Game, which contains gems such as the following:

Speaker from university executive makes big show of acknowledging indigenous land ownership – but doesn’t suggest giving any land back. SWIG.

And also this one:

Research exploits ‘youth culture’. NIP. Research involves ‘online social networking’. NIP. Speaker evokes ‘the cloud’. SWIG!