Mmmmusic! The Dancypants Podcast

And now, only one week later, my second podcast (hosted on Soundcloud). This one actually has some recent tracks, as well as an old Sarah Goldfarb track (who will be playing in Chicago next week sigh). As before, I’m still working with a really primitive mixer, but I think my transitions are better here than on the first podcast.

The first track is actually a somewhat sped-up version of Pogo’s music/video collage of Alice in Wonderland, which I’ve embedded below.

Also, listen in for the Masomenos track that includes a recording of Satie’s Gnossienne No. 1!

Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Pogo. 2007. “Alice.” Self-Released.
  2. Ark & Cabanne. 2001. “Bagne.” Perlon.
  3. La Peña. 2008. “A1 Untitled.” La Peña. [This is a project by Einzelkind with anonymous artists.]
  4. Christian Feigl. No date. “Untitled.” Unreleased.
  5. Sarah Goldfarb. 2007. “Forty years ago I sold my body.” Treibstoff.
  6. Farben. 2002. “If.” Klang Elektronik.
  7. Masomenos. 2009. “D (from Third Eye Mix).” Welcome to Masomenos.
  8. Sety. 2008. “Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu-Dumonts Remix).” Circus Company.
  9. Daniel Stefanik. 2010. “Just One Moment.” be chosen.
  10. Audio Werner. 2006. “Onandon.” Perlon.
  11. Barem. 2010. “Heyday.” FoundSound.
  12. Sascha Braemer. 2010. “Club Foot.” Dirtybird.
  13. Troydon. 2008. “So Reel.” Phonoshuffle.
  14. Paul Kalkbrenner. 2008. “Bingo Bongo.” BPitchControl.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all tracks are “Original Mix.”

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