Grenada Soundwalk

All the bougainvilleas everywhere on this island…

Grenada! I’ve been here for a few days with my mom, who has this lovely gig where she guest-lectures at the university here for a week, and in exchange she’s flown out here with one companion and put up in a nice hotel. In previous years, it was my dad or my sister who went, but this year it’s my turn (as a post-dissertation reward). Yay! It’s wonderful, but I’ll admit that my blog-productivity has taken a hit this week. I’ll be back next week and hopefully back to blogging (if selling off/packing my whole apartment doesn’t kill me first), but here’s a little something to tide you over until then. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Grenada Nighttime Soundwalk:

This was a recording a took of an 8-minute walk I took around the grounds of the hotel, accompanied by the sounds of chirping frogs, (more…)