Hi! I’m back. This is my new blog, where I move away from the old post-every-day model, and instead focus on a few specific things:

  1. “party reviews,” that is, accounts of techno/house/etc. events as I frequently did on my old blog, LuisInParis;
  2. brief essays on concepts and issues I’m working through for my own intellectual work, with the hope that you all can give me the sort of support and critique that I need to write better and smarter
  3. readings/reviews of books and articles that I encounter as I work on my dissertation.

There will NOT be any more of my recipes here, but that’s because I’m starting a totally new food blog called Macerating in Public. Check it out! There’ll be updates soon.


    1. Hi Katja-Maria!

      Good timing! I was *just* at a meeting with the La Mission team. We don’t have an exact date for the next performance, but it will probably be sometime around November/December this fall. But in the meantime, there’s always some video of us in our Vimeo account and also some of our music on Soundcloud. Also, consider ordering one of our vinyl records from Decks.de or Juno. All of our releases come with our revolutionary magazine, which is usually about 32 pages long and includes lots of dirty drawings and political rants.

      Episode 001: http://www.decks.de/t/skirtchaser-beaner-khrom_ju-time_is_up_jazz_ep/c18-qd
      Episode 002: http://www.decks.de/t/beaner-khrom_ju-skirtchaser-the_good_ship_ep/c1z-9x


      1. Oh yes! Lovely! will do.

        Then a weird question: is there any possibility to meet you guys for a sort of in-a-need-of-a-peer-support? I can explain more via email —- kattimeu@gmail.com

        Thanks anyways!


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