Trust Me, I’m a Doctor

PHD: Pizza Hut Delivery in Lima, Peru. Note the image of a delivery boy on fire on the left…

Quick interruption in my dissertation-by-blog series to say: I’m a doctor! No, not the kind of doctor that can write a prescription and stick things into your orifices (although I suppose that depends on the context), but a PhD. I defended my dissertation on Tuesday morning, July 19th, 2011. It went well, tons of people showed up, and I wore this lovely new suit that I got tailored during my trip to Peru earlier this month; charcoal with violet pinstripes!

Afterwards, I went (more…)

May 1: Field Test 01, with Jason Fine and others

Unlike my old blog, where I back-dated my reviews of EDM events so that they appeared to be posted on the same day as the party itself, on this blog I plan to leave the post date as-is, and instead include the date of the party in the post title. To those of you who used to read my old blog: whaddaya think? Is this better?


Field Test 01 Flyer

Field Test 01 Flyer

E-flyer on Resident Advisor
E-flyer on NBFC forums

So this was my first night out to a substantial party after several weeks of hiding and nearly two months of working under a fair bit of pressure. (more…)

The Social Sciences Drankin’ Game

Well, this hardly is an essay or an event review or anything else that I normally intend to post here, but it’s about drinking and social sciences conferences, so I’m posting it. Maybe this will help some of you survive the next conference season with your sanity intact (although not your liver).

Tom Ellard has an amusing blog, which seems to range from music to video games to academia to gettin’ drunk. A little while ago, he posted The Social Sciences Drankin’ Game, which contains gems such as the following:

Speaker from university executive makes big show of acknowledging indigenous land ownership – but doesn’t suggest giving any land back. SWIG.

And also this one:

Research exploits ‘youth culture’. NIP. Research involves ‘online social networking’. NIP. Speaker evokes ‘the cloud’. SWIG!