Surrogate DEMF Reviews, While You Wait

Despite having been back from my travels for two whole days, I still don’t have any notes from either the Detroit or Montréal festivals to post here. Don’t worry, I have lots of fieldnotes with lots of pictures and anecdotes; I just need to write them in decent prose, sort through my photos, and decide on how I’m going to organize things (chronologically or thematically?).

In the meanwhile, though, check out this review of the first day of the Detroit festivities (the Movement Festival a.k.a. DEMF), written by one of the British lads that I met during my travels (more about that when I finally write my own event review). He wrote it for Data Transmission, an online magazine / social media hub for electronic dance music that resembles Resident Advisor but is more UK-centric. Actually, it’s interesting to compare the reviews by both sites, since they have a different roster of writers, a different editorial philosophy, and a different (but overlapping) target audience. Here are the two reviews side-by-side:

By the way, the photos for the Data Transmission review were taken by my own very dear Rémi, who accompanied me through both Detroit and Montréal. The story of how that came about goes back to a few days before the festival in Chicago…


  1. hey hey hey!!! Thanks one more time for this fantastic trip threw music at Mutek. So many different experiences which couldn’t be so interesting without you. Hurry up for a next meeting!

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