Mmmmusic! Podcast, le premier

Huh. I had posted my first real-ish podcast on my Soundcloud account several days ago, but I completely forgot to post a link here. So here it is, embedded as a Soundcloud player.

This podcast isn’t a collection of recently-released or obscure tracks, but rather the things that I’ve been listening to the most as I’ve been preparing the last few chapters of my dissertation. I’ll admit that the mix isn’t flawless, either, but you’ll have to forgive me: I’m working on a basic 2-channel Vestax mixer with nothing more than volume faders, gain, treble and bass pots. I like to pretend that I choose such asceticism.

  1. Ricardo Villalobos. 2003. “What You Say Is More Than I Can Say.” Playhouse.
  2. Ark. 2003. “E-Cône.” Circus Company.
  3. Reboot. 2008. “Be Tougher.” Cadenza.
  4. Lemos, Kreon, & Masomenos. 2008. “Loop Around.” Welcome To Masomenos.
  5. M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade. 2008. “O Superman feat. Laurie Anderson (Reboot’s 20 Cubans Rework).” Get Physical.
  6. Cabanne. 2006. “Tarak.” Karat.
  7. Someone Else. 2010. “Little Helper 2-3.” FoundSound.
  8. Egg. 2005. “Hacher l’image.” Karat.
  9. Someone Else. 2004. “Marshmelon Sooprise.” FoundSound.
  10. Ricardo Villalobos. 2003. “Dexter.” Playhouse.
  11. Thomas Brinkmann. 2000. “Xenia 2.” Ernst.
  12. Luomo. 2009. “Tessio (Stimming Dub).” Great Stuff Recordings.

(Note: unless otherwise specified, everything is “Original Mix”.)

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