Mörchenpark Update

A stencil advertising the Mörchenpark open-house day. Taken (with thanks) from the Mörchenpark Facebook page.

Mörchenpark (including the Holzmarkt project) continues to develop. Already there’s a Facebook page, which seems to date from before the actual open-house event last week, based on the posts and the photos. Thanks to the wonders of tagging, you can actually find a lot of images of the event by looking through “Photos of Mörchenpark” on the Photos page. But also, this morning the Kater Holzig mailing list got this Sondermitteilung (Special Announcement):

Translated from German by LMGM (i.e., me).

Sent on May 30, 2012, to the mailing list of Kater Holzig.

Special Announcement

Moerchenpark e.V.

“Mörchenpark e.V.” The logo for the Mörchenpark association. Taken (with thanks) from the Mörchenpark website.

Dear Members, Dear People,

many thanks for the sincere interest and growing enthusiasm for the Holzmarkt/Mörchenpark association.

It was a wonderful open-house day.

Fat little carrots (Mörchen) to all of those who came and made the place colourful and cheerful. We were especially pleased to see that the info-booths were well-visited.

Sure, we expected that the place wouldn’t be empty, but we were nonetheless overwhelmed that so many people were interested in the city’s design.

Now our wee carrots (Mörchen) still need more care and attention. We’ll need your support in the future, too. Talk to others about this project; it needs to be on everyone’s lips. Donate, become a member, and forward e-mails.

***Tomorrow, we submit our offer (on the property at Holzmarktstrasse 24)…think of us, eat a wee carrot, or read a fairy tale (Märchen, rhymes with Mörchen)… ;-) either would help***

hopeful Greetings from the Holzmarkt/Mörchenpark Assn.

(signature with Facebook and website links)

Imagined Map of Mörchenpark. Taken (with thanks) from the Mörchenpark website.

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