Suggestions Needed: Berlin, Summer of 2010 tracks

Perhaps it’s too late for your hazy memories, but: what were your tracks of the summer of 2010? Much like the project I started last year, I’m planning to put together a DJ mix that reflects the sounds of my recent trip to Berlin. This is primarily directed at folks who were in Berlin last summer and were hearing the same tracks I was, but I’m still happy to have suggestions to people who were partying elsewhere. If you were hearing a track all over the place during the summer, post it in the comments! Here’s my preliminary list:

Just like last year, I’ve created a list that is already pretty damn long. Nonetheless, suggest away! As you can see, dub and deep house were pretty hot in Berlin (along with lots of classic house and disco edits).

(And, yes, I know, I still haven’t made the 2008 mix yet. I am full of shame and overwork, but I’ll get it done soon…)


  1. Tiger & Woods – ‘Deflowered’! (A real memory-jerker!)
    CB Funk – ‘Subway to Cologne’ ( A favourite of mine for wandering the streets of Berlin)
    San Soda – ‘Kaizen’ (Club Der Vis written all over it!)
    Tyree – ‘Nothin’ Wrong’ (I lost count of how many times I heard it last summer)

    ‘Nein Mann’! Yaay!
    ‘Coma Cat’! Boooo!

  2. WAX – 30003A:
    EQD: – 003A
    Skudge – Convolution:
    Moody – It’s 2 Late 4 U and Me:
    FCL – More Than Seven:
    Nicolas Jaar – Time For Us:
    Ruede Hagelstein – Emergency:
    Junior Boys – Work (Marcel Dettmann Remix):
    Martyn – Miniluv:
    Oni Ayhun – 003B:
    DVS1 – Running:
    Seth Troxler & Deetron – Sing:

    and some old ones that were especially in-vogue:
    Chez Damier – Untitled (KMS049): (heard this record out more than anything else by far since i’ve lived in berlin)
    DJ Assassin – Face in the Crowd (Inellidred Remix):
    Moodymann – The Third Track:

    thanks for giving me such a juicy procrastination activity…

  3. Well…here goes with with a mish-mash from my Berlin summer soundtrack!

    Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam (D’uuuh.)
    Juju and Jordash – Deep Blue Meanies (The Garden!)
    *Schatrax – Restless Nights
    *DJ Gregory – Underwater
    Omar S – U (Instrumental/Vocal. Both equally as mind blowing.)
    Quarion – Turn Off The Light (A special moment, for those who know!)
    Jodeci – Freakin You (mk dub) (An effective pick me up in Watergate when daylight hits)
    Dj Sprinkles – Grand Central, Pt I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (Mcde Bassline Dub) (A trillion times)
    Hardrive – Deep Inside
    Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go for That (Hoax mix) (Nick Hoeppner let rip with this in Arena one night and put us in a serious spin.)
    Roy Davis Jr. – Gabrielle (Even Norman Nodge played a remix of it at MELT festival.)
    Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Double d’uuuh.)
    Mike Grant – My Soul, My Pride (Mr. G’s Freedom Train Mix) (Patrice Scott – Watergate. Amazing.)

    And finally…
    Claro Intelecto – New Life (Played by the the JackOff crew one Wednesday at Watergate. Heard it only once, but it’s my ultimate wandering-the-streets-of-Berlin backing track.)

    *Both played by Jan Krueger at CdV one night. (Luis, you were present.)
    My heart still flutters when I think back…

    1. Thank you, m’luv! How could I have forgotten about Juju & Jordash and Omar S? And Quarion’s Turn off the Light was just as hot as that remix of his that will never leave deep house in Berlin: “May I?”

  4. Good shtuff, Mary!!
    Turn out the light…ooompfh!

    Ehmm…I ‘may’ be wrong…but didn’t Quarion drop Mike Grant in Watergate?? Whoever done it, excellent play. Definitely one of the finest nights of music I’ve experienced in Berlin.

    Some more!

    Hrdvsion – Captivated Heart!
    James Blonde & Oliver Deutschmann – Milanese (Quarion Remix) {Was there when Q delivered it to Steffi at the Panoramabar DJ booth}
    Black Jazz Consortium – New Horizon {another for ambling}
    Dreamer G – Jane {one I played to death in Ä. Heh. *Diiip.bop.dee.ay.ayy!
    Tony Lionni – Celebration!! {*heart pumpin’? Hard humpin’? Hard, I’m uppin’? Indecipherable vocals!}

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